Whitenoise simple white noise App

Having trouble sleeping at night?  Someone's snoring keeping you up? Do noisy guests in a hotel hallway wake you up?  Can you hear the TV in the next room?  Neighbor's music keeping you awake? 

Whitenoise Android App

Whitenoise Android App

Sleep soundly by adding soothing Whitenoise to cover the unwanted racket and create a relaxing sanctuary. Whitenoise can be the key to a restful night's sleep for children and adults.

Can't concentrate at work?  Is studying almost impossible? Hallway talk distracting?  Do nearby  discussions sidetrack your thought process?

Just a little Whitenoise can drown out  distractions, improve your ability to focus on tasks and get the job done. 

Is the office too quiet? Are you trying to keep you conversation from being overheard in the next room?

Generating Whitenoise near a closed doorway can keep your speech private.

No complicated controls, just a simple check to play and un-check to quiet.  Automatically stops playing whenever you start another activity like turning off your alarm or answering a call.

The app includes a clock for convenience and a slider to dim the display for nighttime use.

Look for the "Whitenoise simple White Noise" App in the Google Play Store!

Check the White Noise box to start

Move the slider to dim the display

Move the slider to dim the display